How do I see the results

Once you have your first campaign published, you will start to see some results. You will find the results in the Campaign Overview for all your campaigns combined, or inside each campaign individually. You will also see a progress chart of your campaigns, displaying how the campaign is going over time.


Every time a visitor sees your campaign, it is counted as a view. Views are counted once per campaign, eg. if you have multiple steps in your campaign, it will only count once. However, if a visitor dismisses the campaign and therefore sees it again in a week - that will be two views. Views are not unique. 


When a visitor clicks on a button in your campaign, or if you've made the whole campaign clickable - that will count as a click. If your campaign doesn't have any call-to-action, it will not count any clicks. All clicks divided by the number of views will be your Click-Rate. Triggerbee only counts "positive" clicks, eg. clicks that lead somewhere from the campaign. Eg, clicks on close buttons will not count as clicks. 

Form responses

If you have a form in your campaign, and a visitor submits the form - that will count as a Form Response. All form responses will be saved in a form response list.

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