Release Notes 2021


New Capabilities in Audiences

Audiences just got better! We have redesigned the Audience Editor as a flyout and added features you've been asking for.

  • When defining a Audience, you'll see a new indicator showing the reach for the specified conditions (calculated on the last 7 days of traffic, and updated in real time).
  • If you are working with multiple accounts in an Account Group you can now make each Audience available in each of those accounts

Note that a saved Audience only can be removed through deletion from the group

Campaign Targeting for New and Returning visitors

Introducing two new session conditions which gives you the ability to easily target new or returning visitors with your  Campaigns. You'll find them under  Campaign Settings (and as of January 2022 in the separate view:  Session Conditions).

Validating Numbers in Phone Fields

The  Phone Input Field in  Campaign Forms only supports numbers (a string of any length) and "+" sign. An incorrectly typed number will result in an error message and prohibit the  Form Submission until corrected by the user.

Note: Parenthesis, spaces, slashes and hyphens can be entered, but will be stripped out automatically.

Example: (+46) 70 / 200 6139  => +46702006139

Accepted characters






+ Many smaller UX improvements 

We've gone through the entire app and fixed many smaller issues with the design. Such as making all buttons coherent in color, fixing number formatting, fixing tables.

+ Audience Dashboard

We are continuously working to improve the Audience Dashboard. Now we've added metrics for Identification Rate and Visitors that have completed a purchase. We've also added metrics to indicate on each of your audience how many users you can possibly reach every week. This will update over time as Triggerbee continous to gather data. The list of audiences now also support grid view and table view.

+ Audience: Targeting based on Voyado Labels

+ Loading indications (spinner) when I submit a form in a Campaign

Especially useful when doing a validation against your email system to check that the email is a new email. When the email system is slow in responding this could take a few seconds.

+ Ecommerce tracking : Goal mapping for standard events

Our customers can use any name they want for tracking events. By providing a mapping form our users can let Triggerbee know what is a Purchase- and Add-to-cart-event. This will allow us to build more exciting features in the future. So, go in and map your goal names today!


+ Introducing: 'My Triggerbee'

We've gathered settings, account customization and help resources in a new control center that we call "My Triggerbee". Always accessible in the top right corner, for you to quickly access. We've also updated the left menu.

+ New targeting condition for Onsite Campaigns: "Site Domain"

If you want a campaign to only show on a specific subdomain, for example "" you can specify that condition using "Site Domain".

+ Populate profile fields with Forms

If you have custom fields on your profiles, such as "gender", "shoe size" and "Birthday" you can now create forms in Onsite Campaigns and map the form input to the profile fields. This requires that the visitor has a profile (is identified) either through the form itself with an email field, or that the visitor is identified through other means, like login.

+ Quick actions on Buttons

Now you can add tags and goals easier, and even open up another Onsite Campaign from buttons without having to know scripting!

+ Changing the Test Metric of an existing A/B-test

When setting up a A/B-test you choose if you are testing Clicks or Form Submissions (conversions). If you later on realize you choose the wrong option you can now simply switch between the metrics, without having to restart the test.

+ New Blocks in the Editor

Iframe Block

The iframe-block lets you add any content from any external website in your Onsite Campaigns. Very useful if you want to embed a Youtube video, Typeform survey, or perhaps a specific landing page on your website.
First and Last Name Block
The first and last name-block makes it easier than ever to collect the full names of your audience.  Both fields are aligned next to each other by default, and looks great on all devices. 
Email and Button Block

Make your onsite campaigns look slick and slim with the email and button block. Both components are pre-designed and aligned next to each other by default, and gives you a classic look that your audience loves

Double-Button Block
Now you can add two button next to each other by just dragging and dropping a block.
Pro tip: Instead of asking for the email address right away, ask your audience a question they can't refuse, and then ask for their email address.
"Want to save 10% on your next purchase? - Yes/No" 


+ Option to have no Close-Button at all

We used to automatically add a Close-button when it was missing. But now you can choose to have no Close button removed completely from your  popups and other overlays.
Simply just remove the Close-button component, and your Campaign will not have a close-button.

+ Support for combining AND/OR in Campaign Targeting

Now you can target campaigns using AND/OR between Audiences and Conditions.

+ Expired Campaigns should have status FINISHED

Campaigns set to expire at a certain date now get status=FINISHED so it is more clear that they are not visible online anymore.

+ Support for setting language on Insert/Update into Rule-automations


+ Remembering if a campaign is minimized or not

As a website visitor I want to have my minimized widget minimized between pageviews. With this update we remember the widget state that is active between page views.

+ Cart Abandoned-feature available for Voyado customers

We have now enabled the "Cart Abandonment" feature for Voyado integrations. It do require some configurations before it can be put into production on your website.


+ Mobile styling properties 

On almost all components in the Campaign Editor there are new styling properties that allows you to adjust design for mobile specifically. You can also reset properties so that the same value applies to both desktop and mobile. The properties supported are:
  • Mobile Size (width/height)
  • Mobile Margins
  • Mobile Paddings
  • Mobile Font size
  • Mobile Line height
To access these properties, first activate mobile view inside the editor. Then you can adjust the mobile properties in the editor flyout:


+ New formatting capabilities in HTML-editor

  • Color
  • Different text sizes
  • Hyperlink (incl. "mailto:")
  • Bg color
  • Strike-trough

+ Mimic last design

When adding components in the editor the last design is copied. 
For instance, if I add an email field and change the color, border, fonts etc, I want the same settings when adding another input field.

+ Apply design changes to all components of same type

Now it is easier to make design changes to components like text fields and close buttons and apply those changes to all components of the same type.

Supported types are:
  • All text inputs
  • Radiobuttons, Checkboxlists
  • WidgetCanvas / Steps
  • Close Buttons


+ A/B testing available to all customers

Test any campaign against a variant. You can test offers, copy and messages against different audiences quickly and easily.

+ Support for changing layout and position of existing widget 

+ Bounce visits are removed from Identified Traffic-graph 

Note: Bounce Visits in Triggerbee are calculated as visits that spend less than 5 seconds on site.


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