Release Notes 2020


+ Duplicate Campaigns to multiple other accounts

Support for overwriting and publishing them directly makes it easy to manage campaigns across your multiple domains.

+ New Form Components

We've added support for many new form components so that you can build even richer forms. Radiobuttons, Dropdownlist, ButtonChoices, Date Input, CheckBoxLists:

+ Images are now compressed on upload

When you upload images to your campaigns the images are compressed and resized IF the filesize is bigger than 750 kb. The following transformation is done:
  • JPEG: Compression 75, resolution: max width / height: 1200 
  • PNG: max width / height: 1200  
  • SVG/GIF: Max 5 MB is supported


+ Deadline Component

With the new Deadline Component, you can add urgency to your Onsite Campaigns. Configure in many different ways and customize the exact design you want. The possibilities are endless.


+ Show alternating success message if email is already member in a list

If you only want to show a discount code ONLY to new signups then you can configure that in the Form Setting, with our new support for conditional success messages.

+ Support for Cloning State in Editor

Want to duplicate a State in the Editor? We've added support for that now.


+ Export Campaign Statistics to CSV 

We've made it possible for you to export your campaign statistics to a CSV file! 

Apsis One Integration 2020-09-15

Create subscribers automatically with the new Apsis One integration. Read more about how to integrate Apsis One here:

Embedded Placeholders 2020-09-15

We've added another method of rendering embedded campaigns! Now it's possible to create your own placeholders, eg. predefined elements on your website, where you want to inject your embedded campaign. 

Read more about Embedded Campaigns here (Method 2):

Palettes 2020-09-03

To make it easier to select an easy-on-the-eye color Palette, we have developed a set of pre-made palettes to choose from in the Onsite Campaign Color picker. Simply click the Palette option in the color picker, and select any color you like. 

Audiences 2020-09-01

Audiences allow you to create visitor segments filled with contacts and visitors. You can target every Onsite Campaign towards a specific audience to personalize your webpage. Triggerbee builds and defines your audiences automatically as soon as you create them.

Lists, Text puff and Text input 2020-08-20

New features in the Onsite Campaign editor!


Create checklists for specifying content. 

Text Puff

Using the Text puff component, you will be able to create these types of effects:

Text Input Field

We have two new text input fields, Single- and Multiline. Single-line can be used for collecting extra data about the visitor, for instance shoesize, allergies, postal code. Multi-line fields are used for Messages. 

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