Brand Settings


Add your brand colors to Triggerbee to make them easily accessible in the Campaign editor. Your color variables will be available in the color picker in all elements where a color is an option, such as background color, font color, button colors, etc.

  1. Navigate to My Triggerbee --> Customization -- Brand Settings
  2. Scroll down to Colors and add your Colors according to:
    Color: The color code, in HEX, RGB or RGBA code. You can also use the color picker on the right.
    Name: The name of your color. The color will get a default name, but you can change it to your own if you like.
    Note: If you have multiple accounts in Triggerbee and want to use the same colors in all of them, make sure to have the same color+name combination in order to automatically apply the right colors when copying campaigns between accounts. 
  3. Click "Create" to save your color. Edit the color by clicking the color row.
  4. Done! Your colors can now be found in the Campaign Editor. You can also add more colors directly in the editor by clicking "add". 

Note: If you are working with multiple accounts in Triggerbee, please check out this guide on how to create color variables for your accounts.


Want to make your campaign even more personal, add some customization with fonts! You can upload your own font files or refer to the CSS links found on your site.

Create a new font

Upload Font Files
  1. Navigate to Settings --> Customization
  2. Add a new font with the option "upload font files"
  3. Give your font a name and start to add the font files (approved file types: otf, woff, ttf). You can add multiple font files for one font. 
  4. For each font file, we will automatically identify the weight and font type. This means, when using this font in your campaign - we will apply the corresponding font file when changing between bold, italic etc.
  5. Save your font.

Add CSS font link referral
  1. Navigate to Settings --> Customization
  2. Add your Font according to:

    Family Name: The family name of your font, eg. what will be used to apply your font to the text. 
    Note: The name needs to be exactly the same as what you use on the webpage, in order for Triggerbee to be able to render it correctly.

    CSS Link
    : Add a link to your font file, eg.
    Note: You need to add a link to where the font can be found on your webpage, you can not upload the font in Triggerbee. Font links usually end with .woffYou can also select any of Triggerbee's built-in fonts as your default font.

    Note: The font also needs to be installed on your webpage in order to work.

  3. Save your font.

    Note: CSS fonts will not be displayed in the widget editor, but will be applied once previewed or published on your webpage.

Editing and using your fonts

  • Edit your font by clicking the font row. 
  • You can choose your font to be used as a default font when creating new campaigns all components in Onsite campaigns will automatically get the font. 
  • All your fonts are found in the Campaign Editor:

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