Integrating with Apsis One

Note: This article applies to the Apsis One application. If you are using the standard Apsis, please have a look at this article instead

The Triggerbee Apsis One integration makes it possible to get better analytics on what companies and subscribers are reading the articles on your website. Feedback all website activities back into Apsis One for enhanced segmenting of the subscribers. This brings you new profiling capabilities to your existing subscriber base along with great lead nurturing and marketing automation capabilities.

How to set up the integration

  1. Inside Apsis One, navigate to Profile --> Settings --> API Management.

  2. Press Add API Key on the top right. In the prompt, give your API Key a unique name - preferably something with Triggerbee to remember what it is for. 

  3. Leave the prompt open (don't press Close) while you go to your Triggerbee account (in another tab).

    Note: You will only see your Secret Key once, so make sure to copy it if you want to close the prompt before moving on. 

  4. Inside Triggerbee, navigate to Apps & Integrations and open the Apsis One integration.
  5. Enter your API Key and Client Secret key from the prompt in Apsis One. Now you can close the prompt in Apsis.

  6. Press save in the integration and wait for the integration to authenticate successfully. Then, move on to the Configuration part of the integration.
  7. Now you will see these three dropdowns. Select the Section and Keyspace you want to work with. The Keyspace is usually the "Email Keyspace". Also select the field in Apsis One that contains the email addresses of your subscribers.
  8. Press save for the last time, and now you're done! :) 

Send form submissions to Apsis 

Once Triggerbee has helped you identify and convert your visitors, you might want to add them to your email subscriber list. This is done through Triggerbee Automations. 

  1. Start by creating and designing your Campaign with a form.
  2. To connect Apsis, open the Form Settings and activate Apsis. This will automatically create an automation that sends the submitted email address to Apsis.

  3. If you are collecting more data in your form, such as telephone numbers, you will also be prompted to map that data to a specific field in Apsis.
  4. If you wish to update any other fields on your visitor, you can "Go to Automation", where you add the action "Update field on subscriber". Select what field in Apsis you want to update, and with what Triggerbee data.

  5. If you also wish to add your new subscriber to a certain topic, add the action "Subscribe to topic"

  6. When you're done with all your actions, press Save. The automation will automatically go live when your campaign goes live.

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