Account Settings

How can I change my domain?

If you rebuild your website and change your domain, eg. going from to for instance - you have to update the tracking code in order for Triggerbee to whitelist your new domain.

How do I add subdomains?

If you have subdomains or developer domains that you want to use Triggerbee on, you have to add these to your Triggerbee account in order for us to whitelist them in the tracking code. 

What is Campaign Preview URL?

Triggerbee uses a query that looks like this for previewing campaigns:  ?dev=true&tb-widget-preview=20731&tb-nocache=true

The Campaign Preview URL is useful when your website requires a specific URL to allow this type of query, or when you want to always preview campaigns on a certain page. For example, you might have Triggerbee installed to your, but the site actually always has a /en in the URL. Triggerbee will then try to preview campaigns to which will not work. This is where the campaign preview comes in. By specifying your campaign preview URL, Triggerbee will instead always preview on 

SPA Tracking

If your website is built with a SPA framework, your pageviews will be logged differently and because of that, the Triggerbee default script will not catch those pageviews. In order to catch all pageviews on SPA websites, we have the SPA Tracking Setting, which you have to activate if you have a SPA website. This will upgrade your tracking script to function better with the SPA framework. 

Note: You also have to make sure to install the tracking script according to our SPA installation guide.

Form Listener

By using the feature "Listen to the forms on your website", Triggerbee automatically intercepts your form values. You can read more about the Form listener and how to activate it here.

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