Form Settings

When creating a campaign Form, you will be presented with the option of Form Settings - which is where you decide what should happen on conversion. You will also connect your integrated email tool and/or collect your responses in a Triggerbee list. 

How to work with Form Settings

Response List

The first part of the Form Settings is the Response List Option. The response list is a feature for saving all of the collected responses from your form directly in Triggerbee, apart from sending them to your CRM. This allows you to get a better look at all the emails and responses you have collected, and divide them into different lists. For example, you could have a list for "all signups", "all surveys" and "all black friday signups". 

This is where you select what list you want to collect the responses from this campaign to. If you do not select any list, Triggerbee will create a list with this campaign name for you. Read more about Response Lists here.

Integrated Apps

The next step is to connect your integrated CRM or Email Tool. You will be presented with all the tools you have integrated (normally 1 or 2). Activate the app you want to send data to, and enter the requested data before saving. 

Extra Automation actions

If you wish to add more data or steps to your automation, you can do that by clicking "Go to Automation". This opens up the automation that has been created in the background and allows you to add more steps to your automation. Perhaps you want to populate another field in the CRM, or add a tag to the profile in Triggerbee. 

Show Message

This is where you select what step in the campaign should display on conversion. It's usually the Success step and that will be automatically selected, but you can choose to display any other step if you wish.

Alternating Message

The feature for "show alternating message if email already exists" activates when you have more than 2 steps in your campaign. This feature is optional and allows you to check if the signed-up visitor is already in your CRM, and will then display another message in the campaign instead of the "welcome + discount code" success step, eg. just saying "you are already subscribed" - or give them another discount just for being loyal (they did still renew their consent).

Note: This feature only works for Voyado, Rule, and Mailchimp integrations. 

Verify as new subscriber

If you activate the Alternating message feature, you will see another option for "only running the automation if subscriber is new". If you activate this feature, we will not send the subscriber to the automation (eg. to your integrated CRM/Email tool) if they are already subscribers. This is useful for when you don't want current subscribers to end up in welcome emails again, but it depends on how you have customized your automations in your CRM - thus the optional part here. 

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