Release Notes 2024


🚀 New features

Image Resizing Feature

If you're uploading an image over 500kb, we will give you the option to resize it for optimal performance.

By clicking "YES", the image will automatically resize to a user-friendly 800 x 450, perfectly tailored for most campaigns. By clicking "NO", your image will be resized to a maximum width or height of 1600px. Why? Because we care about keeping those server files in check and avoiding those huge MB sizes.

For resolutions beyond 1600px, simply upload your image to another server and paste the URL into the image selector.

✨ Improvements

Possibility to prevent two popups from opening on the same page view

We now support letting users control if multiple overlay campaigns can be opened at the same time. Details are available in the explainer text in the setting. Just a heads-up, manually triggered overlays (via script/link) won't follow this rule.

The setting is available for all users in Account Settings. We're planning to flip the switch for everyone in the future. Stay tuned for the update!

Buttons with backward icons are now available in the button gallery!

We've had just forward buttons for ages, but guess what? Times are changing! Now, our button presets not only rock a back button alternative but also throw in some cool new arrow styles. Enjoy the upgrade!

🪲 Selection of bug fixes

  • Interest profile chart numbers now have a percentage sign after the number.
  • The text no longer overlaps if there is no padding in Rolling marquees.
  • It's no longer possible to publish campaigns with old scheduling

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