How does Triggerbee work - Short version

Triggerbee is a personalization platform that allows you to communicate with your visitors based on their personal preferences. For instance, your members that already signed don't want to see the newsletter popup, but they are probably interested in your current member offers. It's just that easy!

Track your website visitors 

By adding the Triggerbee tracking script, you will start to see your website visitors in real-time. Where they are coming from, what they are doing and who they are. You can read more about what we are tracking here. 

Create Audiences and connect your CRM

Grab all that data to create audiences, such as all customers, recent purchases, subscribers and abandoned carts. Connect your CRM to create even more thorough audiences such as your gold members, members with upcoming birthdays, and members with bonuses.  Read more about our integrations here.

Design outstanding campaigns

Use our intuitive drag-and-drop editor to create beautiful campaigns to match your website look. Use one of our pre-made templates, or start from scratch. All templates can be adjusted to fit your colors, fonts, and look - and you can always add more elements or delete the default ones. Everything is mobile responsive of course. The sky's the limit!

Select triggers, targeting, and audience

After designing your campaign, you will select where, when, and who will see it. Target specific URLs, have it pop up when your visitors are about to leave, schedule it for Tuesdays, and display it to only new visitors. Here you can dig into details or go wide - all depending on the use case.


Once you have your campaigns up and running, you will start to see the results. More subscribers or members, recovered carts, higher cart value, and of course - more purchases. It doesn't get better than that!

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