Visitor properties (mergevars)

Your visitors will always have a set of properties connected to their session and later on, their customer profile. These values can be used for segmentation and targeting of onsite campaigns. With Triggerbee, you will have a set of default properties, but you can also create your own. Keep reading and we'll tell you all about it. 

Default Properties

The default parameters are divided into two groups, contact and session properties. The Session properties are always available whenever there's a session, but the Contact properties are only available when the visitor has been identified, ie. in the Identity Layer. 

  • Contact properties: The contact properties are data such as name, email, phone number, interest profiles, goals etc. These are found on the Customer Profile in Triggerbee and are automatically synced to your integrated CRM or Email-tool on every update. 
  • Session properties: The session properties are short-lived data about the specific session, such as time of visit, fulfilled goals, time on site, country, and UTM-sources. Some of these are then transferred to the Contact (eg. goals). 

Custom Properties

Apart from the default properties, there's a possibility of creating custom values to be stored in Triggerbee for later use. For instance, you could store the value of what shoe size the visitors selects, or specific gender when collecting signups. Once the custom value has been collected, it can be used in Triggerbee automations to be sent to your integrated systems for further segmentation.

Custom values are scripted to the session as session.custom.foodAllergies. To be able to access it from the contact object, it needs to be scripted as below. It also needs to be declared as a Custom Field in Triggerbee in order for Triggerbee to know where to store it.

var mtr_custom = mtr_custom || {};

mtr_custom.session = { foodAllergies: "Lactose" };

How do I use it?

So, what's the use case? In order to access the contact- and session properties, as well as the custom properties, you will need to work with our Dynamic Tags (also called MergeVars). These are snippets of code identifying each property, which can be used in Triggerbee automations (instructions further down).

List of Contact MergeVars

  • {{contact.detailsUrl}}
  • {{}} (this parameter will add firstname + lastname)
  • {{contact.firstname}}
  • {{contact.lastname}}
  • {{}}
  • {{contact.telephone}}
  • {{contact.organization}}
  • {{contact.interest1}}
  • {{contact.interest2}}
  • {{contact.campaigns}}
  • {{contact.goals}}
  • {{contact.labels}}
  • {{contact.lastVisit}}
  • {{contact.firstSeen}}
  • {{contact.conversionDate}}
  • {{contact.visitCount}}
  • {{contact.engagementScore}}

List of Session MergeVars

  • {{session.goals}}
  • {{session.campaign}}
  • {{session.landingpage}}
  • {{session.activityCount}}
  • {{session.totalTime}}
  • {{session.interest1}}
  • {{session.interest2}}
  • {{session.referrer}}
  • {{session.utm_medium}}
  • {{session.utm_source}}
  • {{session.utm_campaign}}
  • {{session.detailsUrl}}
  • {{}}

If you are using custom fields in your Onsite Campaign, these are accessible by the given name in Onsite, eg: 

  • {{session.custom.shoesize}}
  • {{session.custom.postalcode}}
  • {{session.custom.Customfield}} (used for custom field in the old widgets tool)

List of Consent MergeVars

When your form has recorded a Consent event you can access these values using the below properties. Consent is recorded in all Onsite Campaigns when the Triggerbee Consent-module is activated and the form in the Widget is connected with Triggerbee Consent-module. The Consent event can also be scripted from your own custom forms

  • {{session.custom.pp_url}}   eg:  ""
  • {{session.custom.pp_version_date}}        eg: "02/18/2018 09:26:23"
  • {{session.custom.pp_revision_number}} .    eg: "188",
  • {{session.custom.pp_read_title}}    eg: "Marketing Automation för B2B, B2C och E-handelsföretag - Triggerbee",
  • {{session.custom.pp_read_url}}      eg: ""
  • {{session.custom.pp_current_url}}   eg: ""
  • {{session.custom.pp_title}}   eg: "Discover Business Opportunities Already Hiding in Your Traffic"
  • {{session.custom.pp_text}}   eg: "Boka kostnadsfritt demo av Triggerbee idag!"

Using MergeVars in Automations

Sometimes, you want to send your collected properties to any integrated system or let a colleague know that a certain visit has happened. Some of the default properties are automatically synced to your tools every night, but session and custom values need to be manually sent through Triggerbee Automations. 

Sending properties to an integrated system

  1. Start by creating an Automation. If you don't know how to set up an Automation, please read this guide first.
  2. In your Automation, select the action "update field on subscriber" for your integrated system. Select the list and field you want to populate. You might need to create any new fields in your connected system first before it is accessible from Triggerbee.
  3. If the property you want to send is a default property, you will find it in the dropdown provided.

     If the property is a custom property, you will need to use its MergeVar, typed in manually. 

  4. Save your automation and you're done!

Sending properties within an email to a colleague

  1. In your automation, select the action "send mail to Triggerbee user" (the colleague you want to email has to be a Triggerbee user).
  2. Select the recipient and enter a headline for the email. A typical use case is when you want to notify a colleague about a signup or a lead. 
  3. In the message field, use mergevars to access visitor properties. Note that we mixed contact- and custom values for this particular use case. Regular HTML elements are used for styling. 


    From a campaign looking like this:

    The automation could look like this:

<strong>Check out this lead!</strong> <br>

Email: {{}} <br>

Organization: {{contact.organization}} <br>

Email: {{session.referrer}} <br>

Email: {{session.custom.size}} <br>

and will be received like this: 

Check out this lead! 


Organization: Triggerbee

Referrer: Blog

Size of business: 20 employees

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