Release Notes 2022


In our latest releases, we have added some sought-after features, fixed a great number of bugs, and made some significant improvements that we know many of you will appreciate. In the Highlights section below you’ll find a summary of the most important stuff you need to know about. 


  • See your fonts in the Campaign Editor - upload your own and set font weights in the editor.
  • Big backend upgrades to our automation platform.
  • Create new Response Lists and manage your form responses and list.
  • Create your target audience based on Mailchimp tags, and add/remove tags through automations.
  • See your daily sales with the new Quick Revenue metric.
  • Add separate days or hours in a deadline component.
  • Loads of new premade templates for you to use! Use them as they are or make your own changes!

🚀 New features

Upload your own fonts to Triggerbee

Finally – upload your font to see it in the editor, set your font and weights, and add multiple fonts to the font family. We’ve also added some additional Google Fonts to our built-in library:

Create your engaging countdown campaigns based on days or hours left – just in time for your Christmas Calendar

✨ Improvements

Modernized our automation architecture

We made great enhancements to our automation platform with improved history for those times you want to easily debug your automations.

Improved quick metric for Revenue in your Dashboard

Get a quick glance at your daily sales in your Triggerbee Dashboard. For those of you who track Revenue together with your Completed Purchases – you’ll see the total daily sales (guide on how to track goals).

For those of you who only track Completed Purchases – you’ll see the number of daily sales made.

Added management options to your Response Lists & Form Responses

Create a new Response List in Form Responses, or delete an old one. Great for those of you who want to direct your campaign conversions from multiple campaigns to one single predefined list. You are now also able to add, delete or change a specific column in your list.

🪲 Selection of bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with background disappearing when switching between desktop and mobile Editor view.
  • “Save and apply to all” fix for canvas height.
  • Fixes elements in the editor and campaign preview. Text in Multiline input fields looks the same, and button borders too.
  • Set your Whole Slide is a Button slide as campaign entry state.
  • Fix for Laningpage Session Condition.
  • See all your Mailchimp tags in your Audience filters, not only your first 10.
  • Your Campaigns showing on UTM-targeting displaying campaign.
  • Abandoned Cart automation in Voyado issues resolved.
  • Fix for automation add & remove labels.
  • No more pageview issues when accessing our knowledge base.


In this release, we are proud to announce the new – and heavily improved Triggerbee! We’ve started down the path toward being the one-stop shop for using Triggerbee Campaigns to survey your visitors and collect feedback. When you log in, you will see UI and UX improvements ranging from our new color scheme to changes in navigation. 

Note that some changes will affect your current Triggerbee workflow and unlock a whole range of new possibilities. So, make sure to read on to get up to date on what you need to know!

Highlights in This Release

  • Enjoy the new look and feel of our updated UI & UX, with a new minimal color scheme, updated navigation with separated campaign types, and our new and improved Dashboard.
  • We have prepared a foundation for better campaign analytics, and have added some new stats for you on the updated Dashboard.
  • Easily navigate between campaign types in the condensed main navigation. Campaigns are now in the sections Promotions (information and click), Forms (form submissions), A/B Tests ...and soon; Surveys.
  • Draw attention to your campaigns with our new buttons, button icons, and time-based animations together with automatic campaign behavior.
  • Create and update your campaign faster and more reliably in the improved Campaign Editor.
  • Survey your visitors and collect your form data from multiple Campaigns in a central Response List (BETA) with visualized answers in pie charts – without the need for custom profile fields or external third-party services.
  • Resolved a great number of bugs across the entire app.

Response Lists – New Beta Feature!

Create a survey, collect user feedback, and measure your answers through visualized pie charts without the need for you – or your data – to leave Triggerbee during the process. Starting today you do not need to rely on third-party systems for collecting user data outside of your profile properties! Choose an existing Response List shared with other Form Campaigns, or let Triggerbee automatically create a new one.

  • Create a centralized list for all your desired From Campaigns, e.g. create one list for all your newsletter signup campaigns.
  • Ask your visitors about feedback, and store, manage and visualize your form responses! 
  • Easily view the entire user session of each response by clicking on a response.

Important note! All form submissions will be stored in response lists from now on, which will significantly improve how you can process your form data, and your workflow when working with campaigns. Read everything you need to know here →

Campaign Editor  – New Features!

  • Form settings - Add a form submission to a Response List of your choice, or let Triggerbee automatically create a new list for your campaign.
  • Use our brand new size scrubbers to fast and easily change the size of your campaign elements and many other small improvements to your Campaign styling settings.
  • See which side of an element you are editing with highlighted indicators for margin, padding, borders, and rounded corners.
  • Draw attention to your buttons with time-based visual effects and animations, and top it off with automatic campaign behavior.

Noteworthy Changes & Improvements

  • Show an alternating message to your visitor if they are already registered in your CRM (works with Voyado, Rule, Mailchimp)
  • Making campaign tags accessible through JavaScript events in the browser.
  • Improved explainers of automation history messages.
  • Specify how many days or weeks a campaign should be disabled.
  • Better icon fields on components.
  • Improved modal when publishing a campaign to another account.
  • Get Interest Profiling data when exporting a single profile.
  • Rule users now can remove and re-subscribe identified visitors to Rule tags.

Selection of Bug-fixes

  • Fix for broken Campaign Editor on Safari.
  • Resolved APSIS exception issue when adding subscribers to a list.
  • When switching campaign layout from overlay to embedded, canvas changes are now also applied.
  • Fixed Rule automation that in some rare cases didn’t run.
  • Issues with new user invite and password reset are now resolved.
  • Working with images and image settings in campaign editor fixed.
  • Fix for account settings overwrite bug.
  • Automation action UpdateField returning success message for Rule, Klaviyo, and APSIS resolved.
  • Now you can set the name of Voyado subscriber through automation.
  • Fixed issues with text editing in the campaign editor.
  • Fix for filtering your Visitor Feed by country.
  • The campaign Teaser State keeps connections when creating an A/B-test from an existing campaign.
  • Errors when working with deadline component in A/B-test resolved.


In this release, we are preparing for upcoming new features and a full facelift of the app! Log in and see how we are making way for the future Triggerbee.

General Improvements and Bug-fixes Summary

  • Added automation action for updating custom properties in Klaviyo.
  • Removed old and unused integrations.
  • Added additional support for Voyado encryption.
  • Protected the Teaser Campaign State from layout changes.

Removed old and unused integrations

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Weld
  • MediaConnect
  • Upsales
  • Paloma
  • Trello

Added automatic support for both kinds of Voyado decryptions

Regardless of which encryption framework is used we will automatically detect and support both. No account settings are needed!

A Selection of Bug-fixes

  • Added many small javascript fixes in the Campaign Editor, making drag-n-drop much more stable.
  • Fixed issue with Form Field to Profile Field mappings resulting in missing fields.
  • Resolved container component padding bug.
  • Fix for Teaser in some use cases being affected by Popup layout.
  • Preview of Embedded campaigns fixed.
  • Fix for Embedded Campaign generating more than one campaign.


During the last month we've added some sought after new campaign setting features, for example making switching Campaign States accessible in the Campaign Editor as well as the ability to manually trigger Campaigns through JavaScript.

Layout & Position Menu

You now have the possibility to switch between different campaign states in the Campaign Editor, and apply the setting to all slides – makin it easy to switch between popup, panel, callout, as well as embedded. Apart from embedded, which cannot mix with overlay slides, you can mix layouts for your slides in your campaign. Teaser will not be affected by the "apply to all steps"-option.

Manual Open – New Campaign Trigger

Use Javascript API to trigger campaigns with audience and filter checks using: 


Audience and filter checks will apply to the campaign, and if no variant is matched, then no variant is displayed. Any rules for which Variant to show will be applied with Scheduling and other settings. Can also be combined with other triggers.

+ Some Bug fixes From the Period

  • Interest Profiles aggregation working properly.
  • Variants are given actual names at creation.
  • All charts starts at zero, instead the lowest number.
  • All your Deadline components fits into the container.
  • Close button minimum size is now 12px.
  • Last seen date sent to 3rd party system is now session end, instead of last session start.


During the past months releases we've been adding an integration with Klaviyo, made several changes and improvements to our user interface. And for those of you who use Triggerbee Campaigns as event-registration forms or for small customer surveys – you are now able to send your form data to Google Sheets. Read on to see a selected highlight of our most recent changes!

New Integration, Campaigns & Targeting

Klaviyo – new integration!

Our new Klaviyo integration lets you not only send your contact to specified lists and update your subscriber fields – but also use your Klaviyo lists & segments to build Target Audiences for your awesome Triggerbee Campaigns! You'll find our integration guide here.

Interest Profiles now available in Audience Filters

You asked - we listened! Target users based on their Interest Profiles in Audience Filters. Don't forget to specify all those interest based URL:s and URL keywords in you Account Settings > Interest Profiling!

Save Session Conditions in Audiences

To create and save Audiences with Session Conditions (rules for targeting the users current session) just got really effective! Combine your audiences with specific Session Conditions when creating your Audience – hit save – and use the Audiences in your personalized campaign!

Set Campaign End Date to Deadline

A Campaign with a Deadline Component will when published, ask if you want the campaign to end on the same time. If you choose to update the end end time, we will automatically schedule the stop for you, and inactivate it when the time's out.

Campaign Performance Charts

We've made some updates to our charts and made a performance chart visible with each variant in your campaign settings.

Easily choose witch Campaign variant to preview when using multi-variants in Campaign Settings.

Visitor Data Management

Profile Properties Now in Account Settings

Your visitor Profile Properties has relocated to your Account Settings > Profile Properties. In other words – if you use custom contact fields – you'll find them here from now on!

For those of you who use Organization Tags, those have moved in to your Account Settings as well. You're now able to manage them in a way you are used to under Account Settings > Tags


We begin our year with new features, improvements to  Campaigns and a handful of overall UI & UX improvements. Summarized here you'll meet our new feature - Session Conditions, improvements to Campaign Settings and an updated Color Picker. In Triggerbee you'll meet a range of improvements and fixes, such as coherently formatted dates, fixed sorting function in Profiles, and the ability to create campaigns with a minimum height of 20px. This release really has something for everyone - read on, and you'll see!

Introducing Session Conditions

We have created a new UI for the  Session Conditions you are used to apply on each campaign. With this new feature you will be able to target events on onsite events and campaigns, save your settings as a preset and use them in the same way you are used to work with Audiences.

Note that you can have 20 Audiences + 10 Session Conditions saved at any one time

With performance and enhanced personalization in mind, we've also updated the  Campaign Settings design to have equal focus on the session conditions as on Audiences. We also added focus to performance statistics in the Campaign Settings view.

+ More Changes to Campaigns

Color picker 

We know that you are more interested in picking colors than mixing them. With this in mind our  Color Picker in the  Campaign Editor now will show you custom variables first on open, and give you the ability to add (and save) your custom colors on the fly. Good bye incoherent campaign colors! 

Campaign URL Targeting & Preview Link

When you have a list of pages to show or hide your campaign on, you no longer need to enter them one by one. From this release you'll meet a  multiline text field where you can add your pages in one field,  one page path per row. Just paste your exclusion list and be sure to not show any campaigns on those sensitive pages!

And lets say you set your campaign to be displayed on '/insights/analytics*', the  Preview Path will be updated automatically and direct you to that specified page and show your preview.

Note that wildcards '*' in the end of the specified path will be stripped away before redirecting you to the preview


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